It was a small craft workshop, on the northern part of Crkvena Street, where old brewers made the first beer back in 1756. When they raised their glasses to toast, could they have guessed that this was just the beginning of a story that has been going on for more than two and a half centuries.

Did they dream that their small brewery, which transported barrels by horse-drawn carriages to nearby settlements, would one day become the leading beer producer in Serbia.

While they were coming up with the recipes, could they have imagined that one day so many different beers would be made in our brewery. That the beer will be called Jelen, and that it will be made with different flavors, non-alcoholic or unfiltered.

While they were filling the first barrels, which were made by painters, that is. masters of the cooperage, did they imagine that one day your brewery would become part of one of the world’s largest breweries, the Molson Coors Brewing Company.

In the same place, on the northern part of Crkvena Street, even today, there is their zantas workshop. It is called Apatin Brewery and today it celebrates the 260th year of brewing mastery, passion and tradition.

In that name, we want to make a toast to you.

Let one day, in 260 years, some other future brewers and beer drinkers write something about us.