Vinjak VS 500ml

Price: SEK

Rubin Vinjak Grape Brandy

Country: Serbian
Producer: Rubin AD
Product type: Grape Brandy
Wine Land: Sumadija
Alcohol: 40%
Liquor store: nr 00000
Bottle size: 500 ml
Number per package: 1 pcs
Selection: RS/BS


It represents the result of dedicated work and desire our experts to create a vinjak of a unique aroma and recognizable flavour form high quality wine distillates aged in oak barrels. Minimum ageing period in oak barrels is two years during which a typical bouquet and specific vinjak character is created. It is traditionally consumed as an aperitif and a digestive drink at room temperature. It is often an ingredient of creative cocktails and a companion of all types of coffee.